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APRIL 2018

The future of the Philippine infrastructure is off to greater heights as the country continues to prove to be one of the fastest-growing construction markets in Asia. From its report last September 2017, BMI Research foresees that the Philippines’ construction industry will steadily expand at an average real rate of 9.8% in the next eight years.

The same report attributed this growth to the administration’s infrastructure projects. In 2018 alone, the government allocated more than Php1 trillion for infrastructure spending. Guided by this agenda, the Construction Industry Authority of the Philippines (CIAP) spearheaded the creation of the Philippine Construction Industry Roadmap for ‎‎‎2017-2022, where the movers and shakers of the industry convened to create a framework that will identity lucrative investment areas, address challenges, and highlight best practices that will boost Philippines’ infrastructure plan in the coming years.

To fully realize this vision, a call for a solid partnership between public and private sectors is in order. Concepcion-Otis Philippines, Inc. (COPI), a joint venture between Otis and Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC), acknowledges this need and sees this an opportunity to further the country’s development through its products.

For Rajan Komarasu, Head of Alstra, the commercial division of CIC, the need for dependable construction suppliers is vital in nation building and urbanization. Otis is committed to provide industry-defining solutions that are not only durable, but are also safe and reliable.

“The Philippines is moving fast, and it needs a partner that can keep up with the pace. Attributed as the inventor of safety elevators, with more than 160 years of expertise in manufacturing elevators, escalators, and moving walkways, and combined with Alstra’s local knowledge, COPI is fueled with the goal to keep the country moving in the decades to come,” said Komarasu.

The Otis Skyrise experience (Photo courtesy of Otis Website)

Moving people through cutting-edge technology

Otis stands on the philosophy to relentlessly provide landscape solutions that were thoughtfully-engineered to be environmentally and economically beneficial. With urban development in mind, Otis’ range of products and services utilizes an ever-growing technology that addresses the needs and demands to build a smart and green city.

Two of its products embody this philosophy: Gen2 Regen and The Skyrise.

The Gen2 elevator marries elegant design and global engineering expertise, which delivers style, comfort and speed. Its compact design eliminates the need for a machine room, which saves construction costs. This sleek elevator also boasts an energy-saving feature that uses up to 70% less energy than traditional elevators. The difference in unused energy with this elevator is fed back to an internal grid to power the rest of a building.

The Skyrise is Otis’ most advanced elevator that is available with various ranges of speeds, duties and rises to support the demands of any high-rise project.



The double-deck configuration reduces the number of elevator space needed for the building, which increases rentable space by up to 40%. It has 50% less energy loss and 36% smaller foot print than conventional elevators.

With over two million elevators and escalators worldwide, cutting-edge products must always be complemented with reliable service. Otis’ global presence enables them to offer the highest levels of personalized service, delivered by over 30,000 highly-trained and dedicated technicians all over the world. Through remote diagnostics and predictive analytics Otis also harnesses the power of digital technology to ensure timely and quality delivery of customized services.

“We foresee an urbanized Philippines, and it looks like the nation is on the right track. Our role is to provide a means to make this mobility seamless, safe, and innovative,” concludes Komarasu.


Powering buildings with energy-efficient technologies

MARCH 2018

AS EXCESSIVE electricity consumption increasingly takes its toll on the environment, building administrators will have to adopt energy-efficient technologies to save power. They can start with elevators and air-conditioning systems.

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Alstra provides future-ready solutions for the growing infrastructure industry


Alstra, the commercial division of Concepcion Industrial Corp. (CIC), kicks of 2018 by co-presenting the 20th PhilConstruct HVAC/R Expo last January 6, at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City. In line with the expo’s theme “Future Ready,” Alstra Group Director Rajan Komarasu said Alstra takes control of the future today by introducing its streamlined end-to-end systems powered by global brands Carrier, Otis and Toshiba

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