Alstra, CIC’s commercial division, eyes further expansion in VisMin


Concepcion Building and Industrial Solutions (BIS), the commercial division of Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC), takes a huge leap forward and changes its name to Alstra, to reflect an all-encompassing and more strategic shift in the company's vision for the building industry and address the changing demands of its customers.


To address the booming construction industry across the Philippines, Alstra established offices in Cebu and Davao last year to cater to rising demand in the local sector and extend the company’s unique offering in the Visayas-Mindanao regions.


“There are 4.4 million square meters of approved building permits in VisMin as of the first half of 2017, a steady value compared to 4.5 million square meters in the same period last year. This signifies a continued boom in local construction and also presents a huge opportunity for the Alstra business,” said Rajan Komarasu, Alstra’s Group Director.


“We are also set to establish more business partners in VisMin in the near future to provide customers with enhanced access to our end-to-end solutions package,” he added.


Carrier, Otis, and Toshiba are the brands that complement the end-to-end solutions package of Alstra that companies in the Philippines and around the world have relied on for years.


As a response to the country’s growing need for a more sustainable building process brought about by a robust property sector, Alstra highlights the value brought by its end-to-end solutions.


“As the commercial arm of CIC, we have embarked on an organizational transformation to make sustainability and efficiency a business priority across businesses, giving birth to Alstra,” Komarasu said.


“We believe that the building industry needs to be agile and innovative to be able to deliver efficient buildings, and to support and complement a smart and sustainable real estate sector for the Philippines,” he added.


With Alstra’s end-to-end solutions, Alstra engineers and project managers work with their clients, from engineering design, equipment selection, project installation and management, testing and commissioning, to periodic maintenance, service repair, parts and supply, and retrofit services. “This seamless solution covers the entire building system cycle by providing the best technological solutions, at the same time ensuring that projects are completed on time and on budget,” Komarasu said.


This organizational transformation started a few years ago when we began to adopt a more customer-centric approach in the way we deliver our services, making Alstra the only company in the country that delivers end-to-end solutions,” he added.


The Alstra chief said that succeeding in numerous projects in the past motivated the company to move towards change that will allow them to play a larger role in the building industry, noting that the move is an essential part of achieving Alstra’s growth plans.


“Developments in the company's systems and technologies have allowed for the rename to Alstra, which promises better services for all its clients and business partners. We are excited to share with you more information once we finalize the ongoing deals that will lead to the expansion of the company’s service offerings to system controls and the Internet of Things, which are very much in line with our commitment to a more sustainable and efficient building industry,” he said.


Alstra is also launching EvoSolution, a forum on the latest building innovations and best practices for industry experts like developers, engineers, and project managers.


“EvoSolution strengthens our commitment to a more efficient and sustainable building system cycle to power the Philippines by sharing our advocacy and expertise with industry decision makers,” Komarasu said.


Aside from the first EvoSolution forum held in Manila earlier this month, Alstra also held a forum in Davao on October 25, featuring its experts who will share their knowledge on selecting the right applications based on a building project’s needs, the importance of planning and design in the building system cycle, and how engineers and projects managers can improve their skills and service quality in the field.


In the building industry, the pioneering efforts of heritage brands Carrier and Toshiba for air-conditioning systems and Otis for elevators have made possible many of the technologies we enjoy today. Alstra continues to transform the Philippines’ building industry with the help of these worldwide industry giants. These technologies are backed by Alstra’s strong talent pool, composed of engineers and project managers assisting the client’s needs from the conceptualization to installation of solutions, and even up to retrofitting.


Alstra has consistently exhibited excellence in all their offerings, staying true to their promise: "We start, we finish."



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