We start. We finish.

In every engagement, we are guided by our utmost desire to deliver unmatched end-to-end

building solutions for our clients.




Company Overview


Innovatively transforming the system into one seamless solution


Alstra creates groundbreaking solutions designed to eliminate the inefficiencies of the

traditional building system cycle.


Backed by solid expertise driven by our people, our systems and our partners,

Alstra provides synergized expertise and robust system.


With one team and a centralized model, Alstra is the only company in the country that

delivers end-to-end building solutions.



To be recognized as the industry  leader and preferred partner for Building & Industrial Solutions.

OUR Mission

We are committed to build better lives and trusted partnerships by providing end-to-end building solutions that are safe, smart, and sustainable.

Rajan Komarasu

Group Director


Message from the Group Director

At Alstra, we are driven to lead a revolutionary approach to embody what we are all about. Cemented by our core values, it is in our utmost desire to elevate the traditional building ecosystem into one streamlined process.


Motivated by our people, our systems and our partners, we work hard in every step of the way to carry out our clients’ project vision. A vision established through our sustainable, highly efficient and unparalleled building expertise.


True to its name, Alstra, which starts and ends with an A, brands as an organization that is founded on a hallmark of delivering end-to-end excellence. It is within this core value that we say to our clients, we don’t just mean building businesses, we mean building beyond more. We build partnerships through safe, smart, and sustainable solutions that lead to groundbreaking developments.


As we take every valued client to greater heights, we hope to create the change we envision for the building and industrial category.


Carrying on the legacies of our leading global partners —Carrier, Toshiba, and Otis, and backed by over 50 years of solid expertise from our parent company, Concepcion Industrial Corporation, we are fueled by our unyielding aspirations to build innovative infrastructures, lasting partnerships, meaningful connections and better lives from the ground up.


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